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Shaving ritual in a train

All sights are possible on a train journey in India, but not this one. Grooming was essential for this  railway staff, who would not want to face a new day with unruly stubbles. A generous application of shaving foam was more for a facial massage than for a smooth shave, I thought. The shaving brush must have moved up and down his face a thousand times; not in the next thousand train journey would I get to witness such a rare spectacle, I guessed. The best part was his shaving tool Рthe age old type where one loads a razor blade Рin most countries these are now museum pieces.

Picking up conversation with a Train Ticket Examiner the following day, I was told that Indian Military men who travel by train are able to shave holding naked blade in their hand, and that too without any mirror. I may be able to take courage and attempt a similar feat. But not on a moving train.


5 Aug 2012. Train journey from Goa to Mangalore. Poorna Express.
Sitting precariously near the fast moving train, i have been waiting for more than an hour to freeze a good moving scene. The train was fast. The sun was calling it a day. My patience was fading. Just as i decided to wind up waiting, unexpectedly this train staff’s rictual caught my attention. Click, said my Nikon. Wow, said I.

Patric Rozario
28 Aug 2012